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Portfolio Templates

Portfolio Standards by Subject

AP Literature

- to open AP Lit portfolio instructions: click HERE.

Art/Computer Art: reflection questions:
- What Elements of Art did you use to create your selected work of art?  (The Elements of Art are Line, Shape form and Space, Value, Color, and Texture.)
- How does this piece represent what you have learned about Art/Computer Art?

World Languages:how to choose an entry and reflection questions:
Chinese: Autobiographical paragraph/essay (depending on level) containing specifically requested information (plus oral component)
Spanish 2-4 (Jimenez): Power point presentation on a particular cultural topic to show diversity across countries/regions
Spanish 2-4 (Cate): Research project/oral presentation on Spanish-speaking country conforming with outline
Native speakers (Pritchard): Essay/Creative writing assignment that meets criteria identified in class and/or AP rubric

Reflection (all World Languages teachers): concentrate on the process of carrying out the assignment, challenges faced in oral and written phases, and noteworthy cultural differences and their historical and social origins. Special attention will be given to the editing process where appropriate and the value of developing proficiency in another language.

How should I format my spring portfolio?

- Introduction

An academic portfolio is a tool for presenting your achievements in school in a format that will tell more about you as a student than a simple report card can.  Your portfolio will allow you to showcase your work and achievements as a learner, leader, classmate, and student in a personalized, meaningful way.

- Task

You will create a digital portfolio using Microsoft PowerPoint.  Your PowerPoint document will be the platform for you to reflect on and present your work.

- Process

Step 1: Create a new folder in your "My Documents" drive titled "(Name) Portfolio 2011".  Example: A student named John Doe would name his folder "John Doe Portfolio 2011".

Step 2: Under "Files" on the right side of this window, click on "Portfolio Template (PowerPoint)".  Save a copy of this file in the "(Name) Portfolio 2011" folder you created in step 1.

Step 3: Save copies of the work you want to include in your portfolio in the "(Name) Portfolio 2011" folder you created in step 1.  You should have:

- 3 English assignments
- 1 Math assignment
- 1 Social Studies assignment
- 1 Science assignment
- 1 Elective assignment (from an art or language class, for example)
- A copy of your Personal Statement
- A copy of your Resume

Step 4: Rename the files in your "(Name) Portfolio 2011" folder that you copied in step 3.  They should have the following names:

"English Work 1"
"English Work 2"

"English Work 3"
"Math Work"
"Social Studies Work"
"Science Work"
"Elective Work"
"Personal Statement"

Step 5: Replace the text "reflection text here" on each PowerPoint slide with a brief reflection on the work you have included.  Your teachers will give you guidelines for writing your reflections. (Remember to save your work frequently whenever you are working on your portfolio!)

Step 6: Create a sub-folder in your "(Name) Portfolio 2011" folder named "images."  Find and save copies of images that you want to include in your portfolio slides in this folder.

Step 7:  To replace the default images on your PowerPoint slides:

1) Double-click on the image,
2) Click on "Change picture" near the upper left corner of the screen,
3) Select the image you want to insert, then click "Insert" at the bottom of the window (don't forget to select the "images" folder you created in step 6 in the "Look in:" bar at the top of the window),
4) If necessary, adjust the size of the image using the "handles" on the corners and sides of the image.
5) Replace the "Insert your own image and image caption here." text with a brief description of your image.

Step 8: If you have time, you can customize your portfolio by changing the fonts, colors, and layout of the slides.  Only do this, however, if you have finished steps 1-7!

Step 9: Save your work and have your teacher check it.  Congratulations!  You are ready to present your portfolio!

- Evaluation

Your final portfolio will be evaluated for completeness by your Advisory teacher and will make up a portion of your Advisory grade for the semester.

- Conclusion

You will present your completed portfolio during your team's portfolio night exhibition in May.

- Credits

Portfolio template designed by the Mission High School faculty, with special thanks to Ms. Lum and Ms. McKamey.  This page created and adapted for PowerPoint and School Loop by Mr. McDonell.