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MY Farm Proposal

Mission has submitted proposals to launch a Mission Youth Farm (MY Farm) on the West End of campus!  This farm will engage students, families, faculty, community members, and neighbors in developing the first Urban Agricultural Pathway in the area.  Students will learn the principles of urban agriculture through the farming, cooking, marketing, and distribution of the produce grown on public land, their land.

Click here to see designs completed by our pro bono architecture partners, EHDD:Project Design 5.1.13.pdf.

Green Pathway

Mission youth work on the farm!

Thirteen Mission High seniors just completed a three day and two night retreat at Pie Ranch.  This trip was a culmination of their unit on issues of food equity and resource management.  In addition to traditional camping activities (s'mores by the campfire!), students participated in a chicken slaughter and evisceration, daily cooking and pie baking, and some good old fashioned farm work - moving compost piles and laying irrigation pipe.  They came back to school exhausted, exhilerated, and eager to apply more about what they learned to their own lives.  Thanks Pie Ranch!

Pie Ranch group photo.jpg
Community Locker
11/7/12 1:18 PM

Urban Agriculture Program in the News!

Mission's Urban Food & Agriculture Program was picked up by KALW as a model for collaboration benefitting San Francisco people of color in the face of gentrification.  Check out this radio interview and article of Ms. Vigil and her students along with their partnership with Bi-Rite.

SFUSD News: KALW - Mission High and Bi-Rite Market partner in a neighborhood divided (Read the article here:

Congratulations to Ms. R. Vigil and her team!

Green Pathway

Mission High School’s Green Pathway is developing our campus as a canvas and our community partnerships to educate and engage our students in all aspects of environmental sustainability.  Specifically we are educating our students and developing youth leadership, entrepreneurism, and activism in the areas of food justice, environmental justice, and sustainability.  The following programs highlight our current and future plans.

Click here to read all about it:  Mission High School's Green Pathway Program.

Key Elements of the Green Pathway Project:

Water Conservation

Food Justice Education

Food Enterprise and Sustainable Eating

Alternative Transportation

Alternative Energy

Media Arts Literacy

Horticulture and Organic Gardening/Farming

Waste Diversion and Environmental Science

Global Awareness and International Solidarity

Youth Entrepreneurship and Civic Leadership