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The King Family Weathers the Great Depression

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What was life like during the Great Depression?

Ms. Reyes, ESL

- Introduction

In your literature class, you are reading Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse. This book presents a fictional character who lived during the Dust Bowl in Oklahoma. For this web quest your research will be about life for the people during the Great Depression and in particular the Dust Bowl.

- Task

Each group will represent a branch of the King family living through the Great Depression under different circumstances.  You will do research and take notes on your research to discover what life would have been like for your assigned character.  You will then use what you have learned to write letters to other members of the extended King family about your character's experiences.  These letters will be used to develop short dramatic scenes which you will write, film, edit and present.


- Process Day 1: Preliminary Research

  1. Create a Noodletools account, then create a new project titled "King Family Project" (see "Creating a Noodletools Account and a New Project" under "Files" to the right).
  2. Find the article on "The Great Depression" in World Book Online (click on the link for "World Book" under "resources" to the right).
  3. Add a citation for the World Book article to the Bibliography of your Noodletools project (see "Creating a Citation in a Noodletools Bibliography" under "Files" to the right).
  4. Create at least three notecards in your Noodletools project based on quotes from the article (see "Creating a Notecard in Noodletools" under "Files" to the right).
  5. While the class is working on step 4, each group will have a turn with Mr. Anders and Mr. McDonell to develop details for their characters in the King Family Tree.

- Process Day 2: Developing Characters Through Further Research

  1. Now that you have your character, search for another World Book article that gives more specific information on your character's experience during the Great Depression.
  2. Create a citation and two new notecards based on your new article.
  3. Read the letter from Gerald King (see link under "files" to the right).
  4. Choose at least two terms or ideas from Gerald's letter to research further, and find at least one more resource with information on the topic (you can use Noodletools, a book from the Destiny Resource List or one of the other links under "Resources" to the right). Create a Noodletools citation for the resource.
  5. Start writing a letter to Gerald King in response to his initial letter.

- Process Day 3: Complete Part One

  1. Create at least one notecard from the third resource you found on Day Two.
  2. Finish your letter to Gerald, and start a letter to another relative.  Choose a relative from the family tree who does not live with your character.
  3. By the end of today, you should have completed:
    1. Citations for at least three resources in your Noodletools bibliography,
    2. at least five notecards from your cited articles,
    3. two letters: one to Gerald and one to another relative.

- Credits

This webquest was originally created by Ms. Powers and Ms. Reyes.  It was updated and modified for School Loop by Mr. McDonell, Mr. Anders, and Ms. Reyes.