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Career Days

Career Days

Career Fairs will be held during Advisory each Fall for the Junior and Senior students.

Career Fairs will be held during Advisory each Spring for the Freshman and Sophomore students.

They provide the students an opportunity to learn about several career areas from people in all kinds of professions/trades.  By having speakers talk about their own training, experiences and job descriptions, we to encourage the students to analyze their own strengths and weaknesses when looking at future college courses and employment opportunities.  Some of the speakers are of course MHS alums!

Many speakers bring audio-visual aids, models, handouts and more.  We encourage speakers to be as interactive as possible.
Please contact Lisa if you would like to be a career speaker!

The coordinator for these days is Lisa Eltinge, Volunteer, Mission High School, 415-648-4374 or  


Arts / Media / Communications 

___________ Entertainment

___________ Radio Broadcasting /Television Broadcasting

___________ Journalism /Editing / Writing /Book Publishing/ Magazine Publishing 

___________ Architecture

___________ Arts Administration

___________ Culinary Arts

___________ Photography

___________ Performing Arts /Music  & Stage Production

___________ Salon & Hair Services


___________ Marketing & Advertising
___________ Public Relations

___________ Business Development

___________ Finance /Accounting
___________ Sales

___________ Human Resources
___________ Real Estate
___________ Hotel / Restaurant Management

___________ Insurance
___________ Fashion Industry
___________ Retail
___________ Sports Industry



___________ Teaching K-12/ University / College Administration

___________ School Counselor

___________ Research/ Library Science

___________ Coaching / Physical Fitness Instructor


Engineering / Computer Science/ Construction

___________ Mechanical Engineering /Electrical Engineering

___________ Civil Engineering or Chemical Engineering

___________ Aerospace Engineering

___________ Manufacturing and Product Design

___________ Computer Science & Technology

___________ Transportation

___________ Carpenter/Contractor

___________ Automotive Mechanic



___________ Environmental Science/ Geology
___________ Solar Technology & Energy

___________ Conservation/Forestry

___________ Parks & Recreation

___________ Zookeeper/Animal Control


Health Sciences / Biotech

___________ Health Care Physician
___________ Nurse
___________ Pharmacist

___________ Physical Therapist
___________ Dietitian
___________ Dentist

___________ Alternative Medicine

___________ Hospital Administration
___________ Veterinary Science
___________ Public Health Administration

___________ Child Care Worker



___________ Attorney
___________ Judge
___________ Paralegal
___________ Public Service Law /Lobbyist

___________ Corporate Law


Public Service

___________ Social Work/Probation Services

___________ Paramedic
___________ Psychology / Counseling Clergy
___________ Non-profit Administration /Non-profit Service
___________ State and Local Government Jobs

___________ Federal Government National Security (CIA, FBI, NSA, Military)

___________ Police Officer

___________ Fireman

___________ Emergency Response Personnel

___________ Politician