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About Mission High School


Principal's Welcome

Principal Guthertz

“As the principal of Mission High it is my absolute pleasure to work with our families, youth, and community partners together to support and nurture all of our students.”

Dear Families, Students,and Community Partners:

Welcome to Mission High School! 

As the oldest comprehensive public school in San Francisco we are deeply proud of our long history of student achievement, inclusive community involvement, and commitment to the academic and social development of all of our students.  This beautiful building, itself, stands as a symbol of the pride we take in serving the youth of this city, and of the promise we make to each of our families in partnership to ensure that all of our students walk across the graduation stage prepared and empowered to achieve their dreams and goals, whatever dreams they may be. This is a promise that each member of the MHS staff takes to heart.


With a strong focus on equity, inclusion, and Anti-Racist Teaching to ensure that all of our students are supported to the fullest we have three critical school-wide goals:

  1. Utilizing student work to drive instruction,inform our teaching practices, and support student achievement at the highest level.
  2. Emphasis on Post-Secondary Success at all grade levels to ensure that our students are academically prepared, eligible, and have a deep awareness of all post-secondary options upon graduation from high school.
  3. School wide Family Engagement Plan to create meaningful partnerships, build strong relation-ships, and deepen avenues of communication with all of our families in order to support our students from the moment they enter our front door.

Eric Guthertz, Principal MHS

A Rich History

MHS from Dolores ParkMission High School has the distinction of being the first comprehensive high school in San Francisco and the first such school west of the Rocky Mountains. The first building was formally dedicated in 1897.

Mission High School is proud of its rich history and we have our very own museum on campus which takes visitors on a journey through the history of San Francisco as seen from the heart of the city.  The museum is maintained by the Alumni Association.  Call the main office (415-241-6240) for more information or to schedule a tour.

Mission High School Faculty and Staff

Eric Guthertz

Assistant Principals
Valerie Forero
Pirette McKamey

Main Office: Wendy He
Counseling: Yadira Marta Cabrera
Attendance: Gertrude Colom

Accounting: Mercedes Medina

Parent Liaisons
Benita Varnado

Department Heads
English: Farzaneh Safavi and Max Anders
Mathematics: Margaret Owens and Dechelle Rasheed
Physical Education and Athletics: Cristal Fernandez
Science: Andra Kimball
Social Studies: Robert Roth
Visual and Performing Arts: Shannon Lawson

Learning Services: Trisha Coughlin, Elena Hillard, and Natalie Federico

Matthew McDonell