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Technology FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I share files with other Staff/Teachers and Students using the network at Mission HS?

There are two file repositories on the Mission HS server that allow for file sharing.

The first, StaffShare, is available to all staff and teachers that have a valid district login id. This directory is unrestricted, so all staff and teachers have full access to all files, and can create and delete files and folders as needed. If you want to restrict access to a particular folder, contact Leonard DeJesus for more information. Normally, this directory is mapped to the S: drive on your workstation, but can also be accessed via this link: \\725-filpe01\staffshare NOTE: the S: drive will not appear on lab workstations.

The second, TeacherShare, is available to all staff, teachers, and students that have a valid district login id. Students currently only have read only access, so they can access and read documents stored in this directory, but cannot add or delete files. Teachers and staff have unrestricted access similar to the StaffShare directory. If you need special access settings for a particular folder, please contact Leonard DeJesus. Normally, this directory is mapped to the T: drive on your workstation, but can also be accessed via this link: \\725-filpe01\teachershare


NOTE: the old PickUp/DropOff folder is being discontinued. All files for this location have been redirected to TeacherShare, and Pickup/DropOff will be phased out after the Windows 7 upgrade project has been completed.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, login to any district workstation. Once you have completely logged in, press Ctrl+Alt+Del, and select the Change Password option.