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General Science & Science News

American Association for the Advancement of Science: EurekAlert
Comprehensive news service for up-to-date research in science, medicine, and technology
American Museum of Natural History: Expeditions
Learn about some of the museum's past and present expeditions.

Explore the Web Universe.
The Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception
Exploratorium Science Snacks
Fun experiments to aid in the learning of science skills.
National Science Teachers Association NSTA
Today in Science History, High School Science Teacher Resources, Grants, & Legislation
Popular Science
Online information on many science topics.
Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab
Free science experiments for parents, teachers, and children of all ages.
Gateway to the best scientific research news sources
Science AGoGo
Interesting Science News, Research Tidbits, and Science Discussion
Science Daily
Online magazine and web portal devoted to science, technology and medicine
Science Fair Central
A comprehensive guide to creating science fair projects.
Science Magazine
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Scientific American
Online version of popular magazine
Science Online
American Association for the Advancement of Science maintains this topical site.
Science Update
Nature's Science Update of what's new in science research.
Comprehensive site for informed science and technology coverage and analysis.
Smithsonian Spotlight on Inventors
Biographical sketches of 10 great American inventors.
Time Line of Naval Accomplishments
Military technology accomplishments achieved by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory.
The Why Files
The story of science behind the news

Physical Science: (Chemistry and Physics)

Cornell Theory Center: Science
This is the Cornell Theory Center's Math and Science Gateway. There are many links to astronomy, biology, computers, engineering, mathematics, physics, agriculture, chemistry, earth & environmental science, health and medicine, meterology, plus much more.

If you would like help with Chemistry, this is the site for you. It covers the course.
Fear of Physics
The authors have set out to dispel the notion that physics is forbiddingly difficult.
General Chemistry Online!
Created for the general chemistry student and teacher, this site contains articles, tutorials and an exam survival guide.
Information about all things related to physics.
The Periodic Table of Comic Books
Those wacky University of Kentucky chemistry Professors Selegue and Holler have found a way to combine a hobby and information by linking all the elements of the periodic table to characters from vintage comic books. Students can click on "Web Elements" for the serious take on the subject.

Physics 2000
Welcome to Physics 2000, an interactive journey through modern physics! Have fun learning visually and conceptually about 20th Century science and high-tech devices.
The Physics Classroom
An active way to learn physics on the Web.

Life Science (Biology and Physiology)
Basic Genetics
This site has lots of information about genetics for young people including the basics, genetic disorders, and gentics in society.
Big Cats Online
Offers a general introduction to the various species of cat living in the wild today.
The Biology Corner
Resources on a diverse set of biology topics.
CELLS Alive!
Animations, movies and microscopic images of unicellular life and viruses.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CDC serves as the national focus for developing and applying disease prevention and control, environmental health, and health promotion and education activities designed to improve the health of the people of the United States.
DNA From the Beginning
An animated primer on the basics of DNA, genes and heredity.
Exploring the Planets: National Air and Space Museum
Highlights the history and achievements of planetary explorations.
4-H Virtual Farm
An interactive site that provides information on all types of farming.
Froguts - An amazing Online Virtual Dissection of a Frog
Watch a frog being dissected on this site.
The Heart: An Online Exploration
This informative gem illustrates the heart's intricate operation as well as ways to nurture a healthy heart.
HHMI's BioInteractive
Animations, virtual labs and museums, as well as much more is available on this biomedical research site.
The Human Gene Map
A Gene Map of the Human Genome
Informational Resources: Genetics
Here is a site on genetics, genomics and genethics. There are links to many topics such as cloning, disease and pharmacogenetics, and environmental effects.
The Merck Manual of Medical Information
The Merck Manual of Medical Information--Home Edition has been published to meet a growing demand by the general public for highly detailed, sophisticated medical information.
The Microbe Zoo
A digital learning center for microbial ecology.
Plants and Our Environment
Grow a little further in the world of botany with this site, which features information on plant life and activities for students.
The President's Council on Bioethics
Ethical issues related to advances in biomedical science and techology.
The Smithsonian Human Origins Program
Exploration into what makes us human, as well as teh scientific knowledge and public awareness of human evolutionary history.
Spectrum of Life
American Museum of Natural History: In the Spectrum of Life found here, 28 major groups of organisms are organized and surveyed into basic divisions of life. Take the time to explore this amazing and beautiful diversity of life revealed before you.
Welcome to the PLANTS National Database
The PLANTS database maintains and generates data report in specialized areas. Some of the areas are: fact sheets, threatened and endangered plants, characteristics, and distribution update.
The World's Biomes
Information on the five major biomes of the world.

Earth and Space Sciences

Amazing Space
This site covers everything from space topics to the Hubble telescope.
Using scientific inquiry, build a planet that can support human habitation.
Department of Atmospheric Sciences: Weather
Weather information and web resources about the weather.
Digital Library for Earth Science Education

DLESE resources include electronic materials for both teachers and learners, such as lesson plans, maps, images, data sets, visualizations, assessment activities, curriculum, online courses, and much more. Sponsored by the National Science Foundation, DLESE is being designed, built, and governed by community members from around the country.
Earth Trends: Environmental education portal
This site will give you lots of information about environmental issues around the world.
Encyclopedia of the Atmospheric Environment
Information on atmospheric issues, including air quality, acid rain and global warming.
EPA Environmental Education
EPAs portal site for education resources for both students and teachers.
Exploring Earth
Information, images and activities about our planet.
Fema: The Federal Emergency Management Agency
The Grand Canyon Explorer
Virtual tours, superb photography, and a wealth of information on the formation and history of the area
Safety during natural disasters
Home Resource Efficiency
Rocky Mountain Institute: Basic information on home resource efficiency.
Los Minerales.com
Click on the type of mineral to see a picture and to get more information.
The Monterey Bay Aquarium
Inspiring conservation of the oceans
Los Nueve Planetas
Los Nueve Planetas es una collección de información sobre nuestro Sistema Solar, pensada para una audiencia general con poca base técnica.
The Nine Planets
The Nine Planets is an overview of the history, mythology, and current scientific knowledge of each of the planets and moons in our solar system. Each page has text and images, some have sounds and movies, most provide references to additional related information.
Covers numerous topics such as fisheries, weather, icebergs, coral reefs, waves and more.
Planetary Sciences

This site is from the National Space Science Data Center. It has lots of information for your classes.
Alive with colorful cartoon characters, this interactive resource teaches about our planet and its natural resources, ecology and care.
Project Exploration
Discover and explore the world of paleontology and dinosaurs.
Science Learning Network
Colorful, award-winning site and all its resources, including online exhibits.
Space Science Hotlist
This is a comprehensive list of links about astronomy. Excellent resource!
Resources for Earth Science and Geography Instruction
This site offers links for the five themes of geography and subjects under Earth Science.
USGS: The Learning Web
The U.S. Geological Survey provides scientific information intended to help educate the public about natural resources, natural hazards, geospatial data, and issues that affect our quality of life. Explore things on, in, around and about the Earth.
Vistas del Sistema Solar
This sited offers solar system information in Spanish.
Volcano World
The Web's Premier Source of Volcano Information from the University of North Dakota.
Windows to the Universe
Interactive site on Earth and space sciences.