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Links to find information about topics in Mathematics or just to have fun with Math.

A+ Math
Visitors to this site get interactive flashcards, a homework helper, games and help on advanced math problems.

This site features lessons to learn or refresh old skills, calculators that show you how to solve problems step-by-step, and interactive worksheets that test students' skills.

Clever Games for Clever People
Many of us have used logic and numbers to explain how to win a game, but mathematician John Conway was not about to do something so ordinary. In this book he takes that idea and turns it inside out by showing how games can be used to describe numbers.

Common Weights and Measures
This reference tool offers conversion equivalent tables for Mathematical Notation for Orders of Magnitude, Metric Prefixes, and Common Equivalent Weights and Measures.

Figure This!
Math challenges for teachers, students and families.

Flashcards for Kids!
This site allows students to practise math at various levels of difficulty, utilizing a system that includes timer and scoring options.

FunBrain.com's Math Baseball
Batter up, play a little math baseball and test your math smarts at all levels through this mind-exercising site.

Students can e-mail experienced tutors for math help.

Hot Math
Hotmath provides step-by-step solutions to homework problems in leading algebra, geometry links to recommended math sites. Look under students to find the links you might like to check out.

MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive
Mathematicians' biographis, history of math in various cultures, facts on the development of important math concepts, and more.

This site provides ways for students, parents and teachers to learn math with the help of practice problems, calculators and other tools, as well as the "Ask an Expert" section for all math levels.

Math Dictionary
Use this site to define those words in Mathematics that you don't understand. There are also visuals to help with comprehension.

Math Archives
This comprehensive source covers a wide range of different topics in mathematics, software and teaching materials.

The Math Forum @ Drexel
A comprehensive resource for math education on the Internet.

Spanky Fractal Database
One of the largest fractal databases on the Web.

This is Mega-Mathematics!
Explore all things math through this interactive site.

This interactive dictionary simply and clearly explains hundreds of math terms and formulas from algebra to calculus.

An interactive math encyclopedia detailing concepts such as geometry, algebra, calculus and number theory.