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Ethnic Studies


Library of Congress: Portals to the World
Find information about any country and culture in the world at this site.
Voice of the Shuttle: Area and Regional Studies
From U.C. Santa Barbara, this is a fantastic site to find information on world area studies including Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia.

African Studies

Columbia University Library
African Studies
Afro-American Almanac
The AFRO-American Almanac is an online resource on African American history, from the slave trade to the civil rights movement of the twentieth century.
The African American Mosaic
A Library of Congress Resource Guide for the study of Black History and Culture.
African American Odyssey
From the Library of Congress, this site provides a history of African Americans from slavery and Civil War to the civil rights movement.
The Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences
Profiled here are African American men and women who have contributed to the advancement of science and engineering. The accomplishments of the past and present can serve as pathfinders to present and future engineers and scientists. African American chemists, biologists, inventors, engineers, and mathematicians have contributed in both large and small ways that can be overlooked when chronicling the history of science. By describing the scientific history of selected African American men and women we can see how the efforts of individuals have advanced human understanding in the Asian Studies (back to the top)

Asian Studies

Virtual library of Asian studies.
Association for Asian Studies
Journal of Asian Studies, Viewpoints and Links and Resources. There are links here to information about every Asian Country. Be sure to spend time looking through the site to find everything you need.
Digital South Asia Library
The Digital South Asia Library provides digital materials for reference and research on South Asia to scholars, public officials, business leaders, and other users. This is a good resource for information about Asian studies, but you must follow the links to be able to open the articles you want. You will eventually get to a full-text article so don't give up.

Filipino Studies

Philippines Studies Group of the Association for Asian Studies
Scroll to the bottom for an alphabetical selection of web links.
Tagalog 2006 Main Page
Interactive language and Filipino culture resources: Part of the SEAsite Project at Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois, USA and the Center for Southeast Asian Studies.
The University of the Philippines
Philippine Studies Program

Latin American Studies

UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center
The UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center (CSRC) was founded in 1969 with a commitment to foster multidisciplinary research efforts as part of the land grant mission of the University of California . That mission states that University of California research needs to be in the service of the state and that it must maintain a presence in the local community.
Chicano History Links: U.C. Riverside
Great sources of information on the history of chicanos in the United States.
Latin American Network Information Center
LANIC's mission is to facilitate access to Internet-based information to, from, or on Latin America. The target audience includes people living in Latin America, as well as those around the world who have an interest in this region. While many of the resources are designed to facilitate research and academic endeavors, the site has also become an important gateway to Latin America for primary and secondary school teachers and students, private and public sector professionals, and just about anyone looking for information about this important region.
Latin American Studies Association Links
LASA's mission is to foster intellectual discussion, research, and teaching on Latin America, the Caribbean, and its people throughout the Americas, promote the interests of its diverse membership, and encourage civic engagement through network building and public debate.
Useful Links for Latino and Chicano History

Middle Eastern Studies

Middle East and Jewish Studies Internet Resources
Excellent resources from Columbia University.
The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Middle Eastern Studies
University of Texas at Austin

Native American Studies

Resources for Indigenous Cultures around the World
WWW Virtual Library - American Indians
Index of Native American Cultural Resources on the Internet
Native American Technology and Art
Includes a lot of information about Native American tools, arts, crafts, and culture and offers many interactive educational games.
Yale University Guide to Native American Studies
This Subject Guide for Native American Studies leads to resources at Yale University Library and beyond.